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3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, will be organized around the theme “Transforming the Society for Sustainable Change”

SOCIAL SCIENCES 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in SOCIAL SCIENCES 2019

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Social Science is the study of human behaviors and society. This field has a major category of academic disciplines, concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society. Social sciences also consist of the scientific study of the human aspects of the world, including the social media aspects. Social media is a place to connect to network with the internet and also serves to describe a new expectation of communication. Concepts such as Media marketing, networking, journalism, Demography studies, and also the communication recognize sociology aspects as an important discipline that is capable of making a great contribution to the application and understanding the Media studies.


  • Track 1-1Communication Technology
  • Track 1-2Social Media Optimization
  • Track 1-3Social Media and Civil Society
  • Track 1-4Social Cognition & networking
  • Track 1-5Populational Studies
  • Track 1-6Organizational Communication 
  • Track 1-7Journalism
  • Track 1-8Digital media
  • Track 1-9Demography Studies
  • Track 1-10Social Virtual Media

Humanities and Anthropology are the branches of knowledge which are ascribed or achieved from the societies. The derived study of all languages, history, and philosophy includes the organized administrative division for the appreciation of the human values. The historical Anthropological research explains finding, how cultural and social structure were maintained through developing eras through the government policy.

  • Track 2-1Cultural Anthropology
  • Track 2-2Environmental or Ecological Humanities
  • Track 2-3Ethnology Studies
  • Track 2-4Human level of Analysis
  • Track 2-5Human Science
  • Track 2-6Linguistic Anthropology
  • Track 2-7Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Track 2-8Public Humanities
  • Track 2-9Social Anthropology

Sociology is the study of evolution of collective behaviour of the study of Humanities and Human Culture that networks a long tradition in sociology.  Multiple studies of Social Sciences include the most pervasive empirical methods to achieve and develop knowledge to bring change in Social Evolution and to accept Social Welfare and Policy. Sociology rarely analyzed the degrees of significant humanities from 25.8% inn 1987 to 38.9% in 2013. Results show the consistent concern towards the social relationships that together called a Society.

  • Track 3-1Emperical Sociological Studies
  • Track 3-2Sociocentrism Studies
  • Track 3-3Social Welfare and Policy
  • Track 3-4Social Transformation
  • Track 3-5Social Development
  • Track 3-6Social crisis
  • Track 3-7Rights of Sociology
  • Track 3-8International Affairs and Strategic Studies
  • Track 3-9Integration on different aspects of social discipline
  • Track 3-10War and Conflicts

Public health is the field that concentrates on the health of the general population in total. It addresses monitoring and surveillance of nutritional status and nutritional situations in populations and distinguishes the analysis of behavioral, sociocultural, financial, political, and ecological determinants of aspects relating public health. More than any other branch, sociology had the discussion of socioeconomic status at its very core. Sociology in public health is directed with sociological concepts that pervade the practice of public health. Branch of Public health includes the Psychology through which, social psychologists tend to focus on the single person, on how an individual's perceptions of a social situation affect how she or he thinks, feels, and behaves in that situation. Sociological social psychologists, however, tend to focus on the relationship between the individual and larger social systems (e.g., society). Most often, sociologists often aim to develop the nature of Society.

  • Track 4-1Activity Networks
  • Track 4-2Social Medicine
  • Track 4-3Public Mental health
  • Track 4-4Personality Interests
  • Track 4-5Health systems Research
  • Track 4-6Health Education
  • Track 4-7Ethnicity
  • Track 4-8Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Track 4-9Behavioural Orientations
  • Track 4-10Socio-culture & Lifestyle

The heritage of linguistics has the notion of creating a science of Human Behavior. There was a great deal of attention that has to for paid to. The hypothesis testing and the criteria for evidence in the Philosophical studies is used by human communities for communication. Linguistics studies give the symbolic interactionism for grounding the society.

  • Track 5-1Civilizations System
  • Track 5-2Race
  • Track 5-3Lexicology
  • Track 5-4Language and Communication
  • Track 5-5Interdisciplinary- Globalization Studies
  • Track 5-6Human Consequences and Exploitation
  • Track 5-7Heritage
  • Track 5-8Global vs International Studies
  • Track 5-9Constitutional living
  • Track 5-10Writing, Literacy and Technology

Linguistics is a scientific study of language, which is a rule-governed system of signs that is used by all human communities from the society for the communication. Sociolinguists study the relationship between the language and the society to maintain the disciplines and the knowledge. Philosophy with the symbolic exception of symbolic interactionism has turned for Philosophical grounding in the society. The philosophical heritage has the notion of creating a science of human behavior. There was a great deal of attention that has to for paid to hypothesis testing and the criteria for evidence in the Philosophical studies.

  • Track 6-1Cognitive linguistics
  • Track 6-2Sociolinguistics
  • Track 6-3Social Theory
  • Track 6-4Pragmatics Studies
  • Track 6-5Philosophy and Science
  • Track 6-6Forensic Linguistics
  • Track 6-7Ethics
  • Track 6-8Comparative Linguistics
  • Track 6-9Cognitive Task Analysis
  • Track 6-10Value Theory

Global Social Structure is in to existence in search of its discipline. The political science efforts to the identify crisis that shows evidence in emerging the discipline. Political behavior concentrates on advancing the development of theoretical statistics about politics. This field concentrates on all the political aspects that aim for a better society.

  • Track 7-1Comparitive Politics
  • Track 7-2Public Policy
  • Track 7-3Public Administration
  • Track 7-4Psephology Studies
  • Track 7-5Political Philosophy
  • Track 7-6Political Ecology
  • Track 7-7International Relations
  • Track 7-8Interdisciplinary perspectives on Citizenship and Nationality
  • Track 7-9Governmental Systems & Practices
  • Track 7-10Social Interaction- Conflict and Cohesion

Women Rights, Gender studies-decision making, and health show the way where interpersonal relationships and understanding of identity, focus on the rights and freedom in the global society. This field exposes the social learning in the ways that help in examining the diversity of men’s and women’s lives and aim to achieve equality to shape their experiences.

  • Track 8-1Family Planning
  • Track 8-2Women and Health
  • Track 8-3Social Learning and Systems Approaches to Marriage and the Family
  • Track 8-4Needs of Equality- Decision making
  • Track 8-5Human Sexual Behaviour
  • Track 8-6Gender Equality
  • Track 8-7Gender as a Practice
  • Track 8-8Gender and Security Studies
  • Track 8-9Feminism
  • Track 8-10Women Rights and Freedom

Cultural Studies in sociology has been developed throughout the society. The phenomenon in these studies paved to recognize the invention of culture for the development of the civilizations. With further interests in these aspects, it bought the contemporary society for the development of the discipline in Sociology.

  • Track 9-1Archeaological Studies
  • Track 9-2Radio 
  • Track 9-3Poetry and Prose
  • Track 9-4Music and Art
  • Track 9-5Museums and Heritage
  • Track 9-6Historiography
  • Track 9-7Filims
  • Track 9-8Contemporary Literature
  • Track 9-9Comparative Literature
  • Track 9-10Television

The understanding the interrelationships of people are inter-related and inseparable for the organizational flow of social requirements.  The built in developing of the society in the territorial frame can be achieved through Transforming Society and Urbanization. The revolution is to concentrate on the consequences for the well-being of humans in the social world and environment.

  • Track 10-1Adminstrative Services
  • Track 10-2Technical Aspects of Urban Planning
  • Track 10-3Sociology of Architecture
  • Track 10-4Public Welfare
  • Track 10-5Planning Theory- Urban Planning
  • Track 10-6Migration Research
  • Track 10-7International Trade Development
  • Track 10-8Community Development
  • Track 10-9Architecture Systems
  • Track 10-10Urban Design and Development

Social Welfare, Social System can be reformed through Social Work from the society. The services to contribute to the creation helps to enhance social functioning. International focus for the human rights, development and management, disaster relief for the better society.

  • Track 11-1Community Practice
  • Track 11-2Social Policy
  • Track 11-3Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Track 11-4Public Administration and Policy
  • Track 11-5Prevention and Early Intervention: Child Disorders, Substance Abuse, and Delinquency
  • Track 11-6Poverty and Hospitality
  • Track 11-7Legal Affairs
  • Track 11-8Leadership Developement
  • Track 11-9Labor and Social Law
  • Track 11-10Criticism- State Priide
  • Track 11-11Trade Unions and Associations

The concept of Law and Justice in Sociology subjects to great dispute in the study of Social Sciences. The legal theory of Sociological Disciplines includes the relationship between Law and Society.  Social Justice within sociology has a prominent role in social theory and social action regulating social and economic inequalities in the study of Social Sciences.

  • Track 12-1Conceptualization and Controversy
  • Track 12-2Legal History
  • Track 12-3Law and Systems of Law
  • Track 12-4Jurisprudence
  • Track 12-5Global Peace
  • Track 12-6Global Issues
  • Track 12-7Economic and Financial Law
  • Track 12-8Dimensions of Social Justice
  • Track 12-9Conflicts of Laws
  • Track 12-10Theory of Social justice- Rights, Oppourtunities, Resources

The man who “walks humbly with God” must also “deal justly: with love and mercy”. Spirituality perspectives believe in nature and divine. Agnosticism studies are intelligible to believe in the science to assert either the existence or the non-existence is definite. The fact in existence in man’s relation with God is a corollary fact in the ethical views of the people.

  • Track 13-1Agnosticism Studies
  • Track 13-2Comparitive Religion Studies
  • Track 13-3Cross- Cultural Perspectives
  • Track 13-4Etymological Studies
  • Track 13-5Nature and Divine
  • Track 13-6Religious Studies
  • Track 13-7Sociology of Religion
  • Track 13-8Spiritual Science

The socio-cultural activities that acquired a major significance include the Tourism, cultural-exchange, and hospitality as their economic phenomenon. These relations and manifestations that rise in travel and stay of all the foreigners, communities and is motivated as an occupation. The phenomenon of the cultural-exchange led in growing economies in developed countries for maintaining a good scope for the Well-being Society, with prestige in Social position.

  • Track 14-1Hospitality in Ethics and Religions
  • Track 14-2Interculturalism 
  • Track 14-3Quality Management 
  • Track 14-4Regional Studies
  • Track 14-5Travel,Transportation and Tourism
  • Track 14-6World Peace

According to Social Sciences, Economics and Finance deal with the ways societies to satisfy the needs and desires of the People. Discipline through Economies getting benefited from resource allocation. The Governance of the online marketing with the finance education helps to bring the cost management and manage the sales. In the perspectives, an education is essential for the Socialization.

  • Track 15-1Business and Banking
  • Track 15-2Corporate Governance 
  • Track 15-3Corruption
  • Track 15-4Cost Management
  • Track 15-5E-Commerce and Online Marketing
  • Track 15-6Economic and Financial Law
  • Track 15-7Macro Economics
  • Track 15-8Micro Economics
  • Track 15-9Sales and Consulting