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Social Sciences Research Scope & Global Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, & Forecast 2015 - 2023

Market Scenario:


Regional Analysis of Social Sciences Research:

Social science is now big business in the Europe, according to new research which shows that the sector is worth approximately USD 24.3 billion a year to the national economy. This figure is the collective economic value of social science teaching and research in Italy universities (USD 4.8 billion a year) plus the costs that the financial sector, business corporations and public sector agencies spend on employing professional social scientists to mediate or translate academic research into their organizations (at least USD 19.4 billion a year).Sources argue that despite receiving just 8 per cent of Research and Development (R&D) funds nationally, and 12 per cent of the total research grants flowing to Italy universities, the social science sector are punching well above its weight in economic terms, both locally and globally.

Across the world, rough estimates suggest that around 20 million people are either employed in university social science departments or are students in these disciplines. An additional 20 million professionals – working for governments, public agencies, major business corporations, consultants, civil society organizations and the media – make regular use of social science research in their work, the authors estimate. Between 30-40 per cent of all Italy University research takes place in the social sciences domain, providing answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Yet the effectiveness of social scientists has often been decried.

Social science from Western countries continues to have the greatest global influence, but the field is expanding rapidly in Asia and Latin America, particularly in China and Brazil. In sub-Saharan Africa, social scientists from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya produce 75% of academic publications. In South Asia, barring some centers of excellence in India, social sciences as a whole have low priority.

Key Associations for Social Sciences Research:

European Sociological Association (ESA), European Sociobiological Society (ESS), European Union Sociological Association (EUSA), European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (Euro SEAS), European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), European Educational Research Association (EERA), European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC), European Society for Rural Sociology (ESR), International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA), Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI), Association of Sociologists of the Republic of Macedonia, Polish Sociological Association (PTS), Russian Sociological Society (ROS), Finnish Anthropological Society (FAS), Bulgarian Sociological Association (BSA), Association Françoise de Sociologies (AFS)


                     Source: Primary Research, Government Publications and Medical

Key Universities offering Social Sciences Research:

Harvard University, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Stanford University, King's College London, University of Manchester, Johns Hopkins University, Cardiff University, Queen Mary University of London , University of Columbia, University of Birmingham, Lancaster University, University of Westminster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National University of Singapore (NUS), University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Yale University, The University of Melbourne, New York University (NYU), University of Pennsylvania, University of Hong Kong, The Australian National University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), The University of Sydney, Bocconi University, Seoul National University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), The University of Tokyo, UCL (University College London), Monash University, University of Michigan, The University of Manchester


                 Source: Primary Research, Government Publications and Medical       


Conferences hosted by Private Organizations:

RW-123rd International Conference on Arts, Education and Social Science (ICAES),Auckland, New Zealand, IIER 157th International Conference on Social Science and Economics (ICSSE) ,New York, United States of America (USA), IIER 158th International Conference on Social Science and Economics (ICSSE),Manchester, United Kingdom, IIER 159th International Conference on Social Science and Economics (ICSSE),San Francisco, United States of America (USA), RW-131st International Conference on Arts, Education and Social Science (ICAES), Melbourne, Australia,  ISER- 148th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2017), Zurich, Switzerland,  ISER- 149th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2017) ,London, United Kingdom,  International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSSE-17), London, United Kingdom,  ISER- 147th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2017) ,Boston, United States of America (USA), PARIS International Conference on "Social Sciences, Humanities and Education" (SSHE-2017), Paris, France,  3rd International Conference on Social Science and Education Research (ICSSER), Rome, Italy, The 5th International Conference on Social Science and Management (2017 ICSSAM) ,Kyoto, Japan, International Conference on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS-17), Budapest, Hungary,  Annual Conference on Management and Social Sciences, Osaka, Japan

Sociological Associations across the World:

International Sociological Association (ISA), American Sociological Association (ASA), British Sociological Association (BSA), European Society for Health and Medical Sociology (ESHMS), Asia Pacific Sociological Association (APSA), Japan Sociological Society (JSS), Indian Sociological Society (ISS), Brazilian Sociological Society (BSS), The Australian Sociological Association (TASA), Chinese Sociological Association (CSA), South African Sociological Association

Social Science and Medicine is the study of an interdisciplinary forum for the dissemination of social science research on health including anthropology, economics, geography, psychology, social epidemiology, social policy, sociology, and health care practice, policy, and organization. A vast research work is going on in the field of Social Sciences & Medicine and variety of opportunities exists for those with advanced degrees concentrations and majors in the field of Medical Sociology. Sociology degree holders earns at different levels are explained the figure.

                     Source: Primary Research, Government Publications and Medical

Intended Audience:

Social Scientists, Sociologists, Medical Sociologists, Social Workers, Social Science Researchers, Anthropologists, Medical Practitioners, Psychologists, Healthcare Professionals, Social Science Practitioners, Researchers and Students, Physicians, Hospital and Skilled Nursing Home Administrators, Pharmacists, Researchers and Students

                Source: Primary Research, Government Publications and Medical


With this increasing growth of research the dissemination of knowledge could occur only through international meetings and conferences. 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies would address the recent advancements happening in this field with a series of key Note, Plenary sessions, Workshops, Symposiums and discussions represented by renowned speakers from more than 40 nations.



The dashboard of Google Analytics traffic overview of “3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies” clearly reflects the interests of the global enthusiastic conference attendees like social science research on health including anthropology, economics, geography, psychology, social epidemiology, social policy, sociology, and health care practice, students along with Industries, Organizations and other key stake holders from Healthcare and Medicine space who are searching to attend and  present/exhibit  their research/organization findings on highly acknowledged international conferences like ours with the web traffic a total of 34,674 visits. The total page views were 100,494 (updated on September 23, 2018) where our reports are analyzed half yearly.

Social Sciences 2019 Google Analytics Metrics: At Glimpse

  • More than 100000 Visitors visiting conference website to attend and submit proposals 
  • Highest number of Visitors reporting both from the developed and developing nations
  • For Under developing nations researchers our conference website is yardstick to quantify their research proposal submitted
  • Majority of the visitors are coming from the major countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy,  Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America (USA)
  • Penetrating the study of visitor, navigation, and traffic patterns to determine the success of our conference website majority amount of traffic we receive from cities like Athens, Auckland, Austin, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Cairo, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Edinburgh, Houston, Hyderabad, Istanbul, Italy, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow, Nashville, New Delhi, New York, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Riyadh, Rome, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Valencia, Vancouver, Vienna, Washington and Zurich
  • Average Time spent by each visitor on Site is 2.9 Minute.

The Traffic Sources mentions that the number of Unique Visitors of the website listing from renowned universities, research institutions and organizations.

Reasons behind listing Social Sciences on top of search engines: (Source: Google)

  • Researchers are inclined only to the conferences where their profiles and abstracts get highest visibility and readership.
  • The most accessible way for researchers to grow their research profiles is through their contributions with a conference presentation at our conference.
  • Our Conference provides opportunities to network and meet other researchers in their field and establish potential contacts for future positions.
  • Attending and presenting at our conference would contribute to learn about the most recent advances in their field.
  • Get an opportunity to publish full paper in our international journals with high impact factors on Special issues.

Besides all these factors we also create individual speaker pages where their accepted biographies and abstracts are updated on regular basis for promoting their web presence in all the search engine listings and Social Networking Channels.

Global Internet users for Statistical representation (Source: Google Analytics)

Flip on the other side Conferenceseries  world’s leading specialist in organizing scientific conferences, events trade, and consumer exhibitions both domestically and internationally in different verticals and horizontals like Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business attracting more than 25 Million+ Visitors, 25000+ unique visitors per conference and 70000+ page views for every individual conference would help in quantifying our presenters research and biography visibility to the online communities and get recognized worldwide.

Conference Series Web Metrics at Glance: Source: Google Analytics

  • 25 Million+ Visitors
  • 25000+ unique visitors per conference
  • 70000+ page views for every individual conference

Out of the 500,000 listing worldwide major conferences attended by 2.5 million attendees 16.8% attendees are drawing only from our Medical, Pharma, Healthcare, Nursing, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business conferences. The main reasons behind the increased popularity of our conference attendees is because of the changing mindsets of academicians, researchers and industries in exploring the opportunities for exchanging ideas, sharing resources, building networks and increase awareness of the on the recent happenings in their research around the world.

“Attending and presenting at conferences remains as the most favorable model of knowledge dissemination for researchers and practitioners to keep abreast of all advances in their field, presenting state-of-the-art research usually on a variety of subjects”

We will continue to set our bar higher and make further progress to organize 1000 conferences in 50 countries across all continents by 2018. We have recently launched online digital video library where all our conference proceedings would be shared and be accessed by the online communities freely.

Channels for driving additional traffic to your research

Web Analytics are best means of measuring concrete details like how many people are visiting our websites, how many of those visitors are the unique visitors and how many of them are staying long to view the complete information available in our sites. The following snapshots of some of our websites will clearly depict the metrics how our conferences stand at par to the other conferences in terms of Visibility, outreach, Participation Number and relevance to their subject.

The metrics of these websites represents more than 25+ Million visitors in addition to this we also equipped with 10 additional scientific websites represents 10+ Million visitors traffic to our conference websites.

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report